After Hours Support

For established patients only. Your doctor is available to you for urgent medical needs 24/7. To keep this sustainable, we simply ask that you help keep after hours calls to those that are truly needed. This checklist will help you determine the appropriate action for your child:

  1. Our medical advice section may have the answer to your question, please try this first. You’ll find information on many pediatric conditions, including when to call the doctor and when you need to go to the ER.

  2. If your child has something that clearly needs to be managed in an emergency room, first go directly there or dial 911, there is no need to call us unless you need help deciding whether or not to go.

  3. If medical action is likely required but you don't know what to do: either email or page your doctor, depending on urgency. If it can wait until morning, call in the morning or send an email. Otherwise, for more concerning signs or symptoms that can't wait, you may page your doctor at any hour for urgent medical advice.

How to page your doctor:

These simple measures make things go smoothly and insure a quick response!

  1. Assess your child first. Your doctor will be better able to assist you if you have all your information available.

    • Check a temperature, if appropriate

    • Get all the info from all caregivers involved.

    • Get a call from school or daycare? Please pick up your child first and assess the situation before calling, unless urgent action is required before you can get there.

  2. Be available after paging us. Always keep your phone handy until you receive a call back, and make sure to answer, this is very important.

  3. When you're ready, call our paging service. They will page your doctor for you, and they'll usually return your page within 30-60 minutes.

Paging service:


(urgent medical needs only, see above for details)

Email Dr. Joel or Dr. Meri directly

This is a great option when you have questions outside of office hours, but they are not urgent. For established patients only. If you don't hear back from your doctor in a timely fashion, please let us know.

HIPAA notice: we take measures to keep all emails as private and secure as possible, however email is by nature not a secure medium. This online form in particular should not be used to share anything deemed sensitive. Any shared health information is at your own risk, and we recommend reserving anything highly personal for phone or in-person conversations.


Urgent appointments

Try to call before noon for same-day appointments. Whenever possible, see your designated pediatrician for all appointments (see below for their hours). But for things that can't wait, same-day appointments are available 5 days a week.

Weekend appointments: we may be able to see your child for an urgent need on a weekend day if we're available, so please call if such a need arises. If we're not available, we'll let you know, and refer you to our list of local urgent care options if we determine your child needs to be seen.

For more information on scheduling appointments:


Clinic Hours

Our hours vary based on the needs of our patients. In the afternoons we see patients from about 2 pm on until everyone has been cared for, and we usually leave the office between 3:30-6:30 depending on demand: 

Dr. Joel's Rough Hours

  • Mon: 9 am to ~ 4:30 pm

  • Tue: 3 pm to ~ 6 pm

  • Wed: 9 am to ~ 4:30 pm

  • Thu: OFF

  • Fri: 9 am to ~ 4:30 pm


  • Mon: 2 pm to ~ 5 pm

  • Tue: 9 am to ~ 3 pm

  • Wed: 9 am to ~ 4:30 pm

  • Thu: 9 am to ~ 4:30 pm

  • Fri: OFF