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We are currently accepting new patients using a lottery-based system. To learn more about how the lottery system works, please see further details that follow the application form below. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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How does the lottery system work?

We current accept new patients using a lottery-based system. This is because we have more applicants than we have space available, but chances are good enough that it's definitely worth applying - it's fast, simple, confidential, and there's no cost or commitment. 

What determines availability of space is making sure our current patients have ready access to care and receive all the time and attention they deserve.  But as children grow older they start to come in less frequently, and eventually become adults, so we're usually able to accept a few patients per month on a continual basis as the schedule opens up. 

Here's how it works: we use a short term wait list and lottery system rather than a long term waitlist. A long term waitlist (everyone just waits their turn in line) was not a feasible solution because the wait became too long to make sense for pediatrics - children grow so fast! So, we changed to a short term list and lottery: We maintain a list for a few months at a time, and as space allows we accept a few patients from that list. The hard part is that we need to divert the remainder to one of the other great pediatric clinics in Portland. This is difficult for us, too, so please be understanding. 

Here's why we chose this: it has shortened the average wait time from several years to less than 12 months, which enables us to begin care while a newborn is still a newborn (or at least much closer to it, depending on how early you contact us and how busy we are). And for families who don't make the lottery, it enables them to move on sooner and begin forming a long term care relationship with another provider rather than disrupting that care midway through.

We hope we get the chance to meet you! The brief application tells us how to contact you and whether we're in network with your insurance. It also helps to hear a little bit about why you're interested in our clinic and how you heard about us. We value diversity and do not discriminate based on age, sexual orientation, race, income, religion, etc.  The information you provide is only used to contact you about your request, we do not use or share it for marketing purposes.

Of course we would love to provide care for everyone, but we also want it to be high quality care. By keeping our practice at a reasonable size, we're able to make sure our patients have an easy time scheduling and receiving services. Thank you for your patience and understanding, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are children accepted one by one, or the whole family at once?

Always the whole family, including all future children you may have - we practice family-centered pediatric care. 

How long is the expected wait?

We try our hardest to get a response to you as soon as possible, typically within less than 6 to 12 months depending on the rate at which slots are opening up. It may be little more or less depending on how busy we are - your patience is appreciated. We also try to respond to expecting parent inquiries faster, however we do advise you always have a backup in place. If you are expecting a baby, feel free to contact us if you have not heard back by 3 months and we can do our best to estimate your chances. Prior to that it is too difficult to predict.

What happens next if my family is accepted through the lottery?

The next step is to schedule a free "meet and greet" appointment with the doctor. This gives you a chance to meet face to face, get to know each other, learn the ins and outs of the practice, and make sure our treatment style is aligned with the care you are seeking for your child. If everything sounds good then your care can begin right away! 

Are there wait times for anything else once patients join the practice?

Nope! The whole purpose of this system is to make sure that our care is accessible and our schedule is not overbooked. You'll find much easier accessibility here than is standard for pediatric clinics. 

If we don't make that lottery round, can we reapply or ask to remain on a waitlist for another round?

We regret that we no longer allow families to remain on a long term list or continually reapply for the lottery. This defeats the purpose of the short term system, and prolongs the wait time for all families. It's not easy for us either, but the most important thing for all children is to secure a provider for them as soon as possible, someone with whom they can develop a long term relationship.