The Clinic

From the moment you walk through our door, you'll notice something different. Gone are the dozens of sick children overflowing the waiting room, or hurried medical staff rushing from place to place. There is no line to wait in. We know your name, and you know ours. It's clean, tidy, light and friendly.

Our clinic is like a fully-functional microcosm of a larger clinic. Carissa or Laurel will check you in at the front desk, verify your information, and collect your copay if applicable. While there is a waiting room, it is often not used because we typically run on time; you will usually go directly to your exam room.

Scent-Free, fragrance-free clinic. Fragrances and scents from personal care products can irritate the sensitive airways of many patients, particularly when they are coming in with respiratory issues or have existing breathing conditions. We ask that you please do not use products with fragrances or scents prior to your visits, and know that all of our products (hand soap, hand sanitizers, detergents, baby wipes, etc.) are fragrance-free. You can view more details and read our clean air policy here. Thank you for protecting all the little airways!

Our exam rooms have enough space to allow your kids to play during your visits. Please bring lots of entertainment for them! Books and quiet toys are great; things that will make it easy for grown-ups to focus. Forget to bring something? No problem! We have several books and toys for your little ones, just ask. We even clean them between visits, though some are hard to fully sanitize (such as crayons, books, train tracks, etc.) so it's always recommended to bring your own whenever possible.

Duration of visits. Our visits have a more comfortable pace, so there will be plenty of time to address your questions. Most well checks are 60 minutes, and most problem-focused visits run 30 minutes, and we also include extra time for your first visit, or any time you have a more significant need.

Multiple children together: We recommend having one adult (or more) accompany each child whenever possible. If both parents can't make it, feel free to bring a friend or other relative. On your own today? No problem! Just be aware that it is often challenging for parents to make medical decisions while trying to keep an eye on multiple children. We'll do what we can to help keep them distracted and make your visit go as smoothly as possible, and we also recommend you bring projects for them, as well as set expectations prior to the visit - that you'll need to be spending some time talking to the doctor, and review what you expect of them during this time, etc.

Procedures we offer: All of the most common pediatric procedures are done here in-house: vaccinations, basic labs such as urinalysis and strep swabs, casting of simple fractures, glueing simple lacerations, newborn screens, simple tongue tie release, removing things from ears and noses, and a few other minor procedures. More involved or traumatic procedures such as blood draws, stitches, major fractures, x-rays, etc., are ordered for you, and you get those done at a medical institution such as Randall Children's Hospital. That helps keep our clinic a safe place for your kids, and keeps their care in the hands of a trusted professional who performs such procedures regularly.