Fees & Dues


General Clinic Fees

Our general clinic fees are standard for most clinics. We don't like charging fees any more than you like paying them. These fees represent our costs associated with the following events, so please respect our need to charge them and pay them promptly. Thanks!

Missed appointment: $50 for any missed or cancelled appointment with less than 24 hours notice.

Medical records transfer: $25 per transfer, except the fee is waived for the direct transfer of records to your next clinic so that transitioning care is free. All other transfers, such as to additional clinics or to yourself for personal use, are subject to the standard fee.

Late payment fee: $10 per month for each month your account is past due. We will waive this fee only if you contact us before the due date to make other payment arrangements, such as a payment plan.

Long-distance house call: $50 charge if the location is out of our neighborhood (driving time more than about 10 minutes each way).

Lost library book: please just replace the book.

Membership Dues

For more information about our member dues and how they benefit you, please view this page. Briefly, the cost of membership is around $10 per child per month, and is paid once yearly at the start of the member year (July 1st). The amount varies depending on the numbers and ages of your children, as the cost of adding additional siblings and caring for older children is less. Here are the dues:

Base rate: $160 per child per year.

Siblings: $50 off each child beyond the first.

6y or older: $25 off each child 6 years of age or older.

Adopted or foster children: $25 off per adopted/foster child - thanks for caring for kids in need!