How it all works


Our clinic is designed as a community, welcoming you and your children into our family from birth through adolescence. Just like family, we’re there for you 24/7, with same-day appointments, urgent care on the weekends, and house calls for newborns. Our patients help foster this thriving community and allow us to provide a superior level of care.

How much does it cost?

All of your direct medical care comes from insurance billing, so just like any other clinic, you'll have the same copay and same percentage for medical services that you would anywhere else. The only additional cost of being a member with us is all included in your annual member dues. We take no profit from these dues, they are for you, and go directly toward enabling us to offer you better quality and more personal service.

Annual Member Dues

Here is our fee schedule, paid once yearly. Because our patients help us stay efficient, the cost of membership remains quite low. We love this. Learn what you can do to help!

Youngest child: 

  • $160 per year if less than 6 years old
  • $135 per year if 6 years or older

Each additional child:

  • $110 per year if less than 6 years old
  • $85 per year if 6 years or older

Adopted or foster children: $25 off per adopted/foster child - thanks for caring for kids in need!

This works out to about $10 per month, a surprisingly small fraction relative to overall healthcare costs, but it can have some profound benefits. One of the best is that warm, fuzzy feeling of supporting something good. It's nice to feel cared for like family, knowing that your doctor loves connecting with you instead of avoiding you. Next, you'll start to notice that having a doctor put more thought and attention into your child's wellness, they start to be, well, healthier. Ironically, the better your doctor early on, the less you need one down the road. Your assistance in keeping us sustainable allows us to focus on the less profitable areas of healthcare — prevention, fitness, nutrition. But sometimes, it's just as simple as having fun at our office instead of rushing in and out like an obligation. Kids love coming here, and we love your visits!

What's so great about a small clinic? Lots of things. For one, think about only 7 other kids spreading germs in the office per day instead of the hundreds that most clinics see. We actually have time to clean each toy between visits, and wipe down our exam tables. For another, imagine how fragmented your care gets at large clinics when you see a different doctor every time you go in for a visit. It's hard to remember a name when a doctor has two or three thousand patients, let alone anything about the child's history. Welcome to a clinic where you are family, where we celebrate and we cry with you. We're there with you from the birth of your child until they're all grown up, through every up and down, every achievement and every frightening moment. At your greatest time of need, to know exactly who will walk through that door is priceless.

Keeping costs low. Healthcare is expensive, and we can help! With better medical care, you'll need fewer expensive tests and treatments, have fewer ER visits, and reduce medical complications. For example, if a different physician put you on even one chronic medication that wasn't necessary or could have been avoided, that monthly prescription copay may already be more than what it costs to sustain our clinic. Skip one ER visit or hospitalization? Hundreds to thousands. It can add up. Of course we never avoid interventions that are beneficial to your children — paying more attention to which ones aren't helpful avoids not only the harm of those interventions, but the cost, too.

Caring for our community. One of our core values is in the accessibility of affordable health care for our community. We provide care to many underprivileged families and those suffering financial hardship, which is uncommon for premium practices like ours. Your member dues also help support those who could otherwise not afford premium care, but they deserve it, too! So if you are blessed with a perfectly healthy child who never seems to need our services, know that your contribution to a better clinic also goes towards helping those who may need such services more than you. And if you ever do need us, we're there for you, too.

Are you in a position to help others? Please donate additional funds to help families in financial hardship who cannot afford to pay dues. You do not need to be a member to donate. The more help we get, the more families in hardship we can afford to care for!



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