Sounds great, how can I help?

Part of the joy of coming here is belonging to something fun, something great, something built by a small number of families passionate about health. So rather than visualize extravagant red carpet service from a large company with dozens of staff members, envision a small community joining forces to create extraordinary care together. When we all are vested to make it happen, the cost will not only be lower, but the quality of services and family bond will be stronger.

How to increase clinic awesomeness.

The underlying theme here is collaboration. By working together to make your care the best it can be, you will have the most rewarding experience.

Help us stay on time. By starting and completing appointments on time, all families will spend less time waiting and more time having fun! Need an additional sibling checked out or have a more complicated issue? No problem, just call in advance to let us know - often we can shift some things around in the schedule to accommodate for extra time but only if we know in advance.

Remember your appointments. We give appointment reminders when possible, but it is your responsibility to come to your appointments. If you can't make it, please give us as much notice as possible. 

Be mindful of our work load. With just two of us working here, we spend a lot of time on back-end clinic work. The less time we spend doing this, the more we can devote to providing awesome care to your kids. Help us by returning paperwork, phone calls, and paying bills promptly, keeping us up to date with changing information, etc.

Give our clinic feedback. Great care comes with great work, and we are passionate about finding ways to improve our clinic. So don't bite your tongue, let us know if there's something we could be doing better!

Give us feedback. How could we improve your visits? What would help you feel most at home with your care?

Give us love, too. This is a challenging job, no doubt, but there are a few things that make it all worth while — receiving hilarious anecdotes from your kids, hearing them say "Dr. Joel" or "Dr. Meri" for the first time, or attending major events in their lives. We never get tired of cards, photos, laughter and achievements! If you have a moment, please add a testimonial to our site, send us a picture of your halloween costumes, or just bring us some good old fashioned cheer! It might seem small, but these little tokens of appreciation mean all the world to us.