Insurance and Billing Information


Insurance Plans

We are contracted with the following companies. Of course it's always a good idea to double check with your insurance provider that we are in network for your specific plan. Sometimes databases are not up to date, so feel free to contact us if you feel we should be in network but we're not found in their database. The following list is subject to change and not a guarantee that services will be covered. We will try to keep it as accurate and up to date as possible to be a useful preliminary tool to check if you're likely to be covered here.

List last updated: 1/22/18

Insurance Billing

We bill your insurance and collect copays at our office just like any standard medical facility. Your copay and coinsurance amounts are determined by your insurance plan, and will be the same here as at other medical facilities. For explanation of our other fees, please view this page.

Because we are a small clinic and do not have a huge team of people working for us, please help us keep the work of insurance billing to a minimum. If you receive a bill, please pay your bill promptly. The bills that we send you are a direct result of what your insurance company informs us that you owe. Therefore, most questions that come up regarding billing confusions are usually related to insurance and plan issues, so please contact them first if you need any clarification as to why you are being billed. Most unexpected charges are due to things like different deductibles for different types of visits, plan changes or deductibles resetting at the start of a new cycle, or certain procedures just not being covered. If after speaking with your insurance company it still doesn't make sense, then give us a call and we can try and help you sort it out.