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Portland Emergency and Urgent Cares

Here are some good resources. Make sure to check with your insurance to see what's in network with your plan:

Randall Children's ER at Legacy Emanuel >  The ER with the most pediatric experience.

Brave Care Pediatric Urgent Care >  The urgent care with the most pediatric experience, located on NE Sandy.

Providence St. Vincent Children's ER > Good pediatric emergency care if you're on the west side or require using the Providence Network.

Doernbecher Children's ER at OHSU > Pediatric ER up at OHSU, good if convenient or preferred by your network.

Most other facilities have less pediatric experience, such as Providence Portland, Zoom Care, Legacy Go Health, etc., but they do see children for urgent needs and can be nicely convenient depending on your location.

Lab Service Locations

Note: you must have a physician's order form to have labs drawn. Lab orders typically expire within 90 days. If you are going in for a lab draw, check your plan's benefits to see which is in network for you. Here are a few common locations: 

Legacy Emanuel > this lab is in network with most, but not all, insurance plans. If it is in network with your plan, it is our preferred lab for children.

Providence > often the preferred lab for those with Providence insurance, and occasionally other plans.

LabCorp > this is the in network lab for a select few plans.

OHSU > note that OHSU requires special action, so you'll need to inform us in advance, as well as call them to register (503-494-8505), and call them again at (503-418-5790) to confirm that they have received the order and schedule your draw.

General Advice & Useful Sites

Healthy Children >  American Academy of Pediatrics advice site, with tons of topics ranging from normal child development (Ages and Stages) to problem-focused issues and symptom-checker. >  A good, comprehensive list of pediatric health topics and advice. It has info for parents, but also for kids and teens. Search for a condition (like ear infection) for some useful information about pediatric conditions. 

Pediatric Advisor Index >  More advice on common pediatric issues.

BabyCentre – pregnancy, baby, and toddler information > – A cool British site that has some helpful info.

Evaluating Health Information on the Web >  Can you trust information you find online? Of course, usually not. This page has some resources on how to know when to trust and when to be skeptical.

Food, Feeding and Breastfeeding Sites

Breastfeeding resources:

Introducing and making your own baby foods:

How do you get your child to develop healthy eating habits and eat healthy foods? 

Counseling/therapy/psychology/mental health

1) Family therapy and general counseling:

Darci Walker, PsyD >  Family counseling focused on parenting and raising children, great for a wide array of behavioral and family challenges. Downtown Pdx.

Ruth Gibian LCSW >  General family counseling. E Pdx.

Family Ties Counseling Center > General family counseling, SW Pdx

Mai Roost, PhD > Help for mamas with postpartum difficulties, adjusting to parenthood, and managing their relationship through this transition. N Pdx.

Wiseheart PDX > Started by LaShelle Lowe-Chardé, an amazing resource for couples counseling. Parenting is hard, and it can put a strain on even the best relationships. This service has done wonders for so many parents in our practice.

2) Evals and general/comprehensive psychology:

The Children’s Program >  Comprehensive mental health services for children and adolescents, with multiple excellent providers that encompass nearly all pediatric mental health needs, including evals, therapy, and treatment. SW Pdx

Richard Rosenberg, Ph.D. > Clinical and school psychologist providing therapy, evaluation, and consultation to children, adolescents, families, and schools. Great option for families with any educational concerns, ADHD, learning disability, etc. NE Pdx.

Stacey Wilson, PhD >  Child, adolescent and adult psychology including testing, evaluation, therapy. Frequently works with adolescent girls and young adults to treat depression and anxiety. NE Pdx.

Robert Thompson, PhD >  Comprehensive child psychology. SW Pdx.

Nancy Loss > Very detailed and thorough neuropsychological evaluations for a wide range of scenarios from a child struggling in school to developmental challenges to recovering from a traumatic brain injury. Private pay only, so it can be pricey. NE Pdx.

Morrison Center >  Child and family mental health services, great option for families with limited financial means. Mult. locations.

3) psychiatry (can prescribe medication):

Willamette Health and Wellness >  General psychiatry, NE Pdx

Mind Matters Child and Family Psychiatry > Child and family psychiatry, Hillsboro, Pendleton and West Linn.

The Children’s Program >  Comprehensive mental health services for children and adolescents, including evals, therapy, and treatment. SW Pdx

Karan Randhava, MD > Private child psychiatrist, SE Pdx


Boost Oregon > An awesome, parent-led non-profit organization for which Dr. Joel is a founding Board Member. Boost provides free community education about childhood vaccines, including information for both parents and providers.

Parent's guide to Childhood immunizations >  A booklet for parents that you can read online or download. The best (and most relevant) two chapters for most families will be the following, they actually do a pretty decent job answering the most common concerns and questions that I hear from parents, so it's worth a read:

Vaccines for your children >  The CDC's start page for parents seeking information about vaccination, lots of information and resources.

Vaccine Information Statements >  This links to the "vaccine information statements" that provide information about the vaccines you receive in clinic.  They include what the vaccine protects against, what to watch for, etc.

Current US immunization schedule >  The current US schedule.

The Pink Book >  Want to geek out and learn a ton of interesting history behind the diseases and vaccines that were developed to fight them? This amazing free resource online provides a fascinating historical perspective on the diseases, detailed information on the severity of the diseases, and everything you could ever want to know about its vaccine.

Voices for vaccines >  Because vaccination does not result in direct/immediate benefit, you will always hear far more about reactions posted online than you will about benefits. We don't get to see what we prevent, only experience the side effects of preventing it. And yet, the benefits that go unnoticed are massive. This group of parents seeks to turn that around and maintain a positive perspective instead of one based on fear, a place for positive voices to be heard. Share your story!

Looking for more info? If there is something you would like to learn about vaccination, please ask Dr. Joel during your visits! For even more detailed information, sign up for our community vaccine talks.

Other Portland Services

The Safety Store >  A hidden gem! This store at Randall Children's has all kinds of brand new safety gear for hugely discounted prices to promote safe homes for kids. You’ll find helmets, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, safety gates, window guards, etc., as well as education on how to use them.

Multnomah County Health Department >  Very useful. Info on birth certificates,  health clinics (travel, WIC, STD, health and vaccination clinics), and information about local health issues.

Oregon Department of Education >  Great resource for any school-related issues and services.


Know your Insurance [pdf]
This handout made by Dr. Joel is a critical tool that every family should fill out to make sure they understand the ins and outs of their insurance plan.  It is very useful for understanding the TRUE cost of your insurance and it will help you select your insurance plans and use services wisely.  Prevent surprises when you get your medical bill!

Flying with Kids [pdf]
An advice article written by pediatricians, definitely worth a review before taking your first flight.

EWG Dirty Dozen [pdf]
A pocket guide you can print out and carry with you that lets you know the 12 fruits and vegetables with the highest pesticide concentrations, as well as the 15 with the lowest.

EWG Parent's Guide [pdf]
 A great one page guide to selecting healthy products for your baby/child.

PSR Environmental Health Guide [pdf]
An easy guide to which environmental health concerns to think about at what age.

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