Pay For Membership in three easy steps:


The correct age to use is the child's age at the start of the membership year, which is July 1st. Remember to click "add to cart" after each selection

Step 1.

Select the age of your youngest child, and add to cart.

Youngest child
from 135.00
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Step 2.

Add to cart any add'l younger siblings ages 0-5y (if applicable).

Each additional age 0-5 yrs
from 110.00
Add'l Quantity:
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Step 3.

Add to cart any older siblings ages 6y and up (if applicable).

Each additional age 6+ yrs
from 85.00
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***Remember to click the respective "ADD TO CART" button after each selection. Once you have added all children, and your late payment fee, then proceed to checkout below.***

Late Payment Fee
from 5.00

The late payment fee for memberships is $5 per month past due. They are due in July. Usually if you can get your payment to us before the end of August, we'll still waive the August fee, but once it goes into September or if it happens a lot we will need to charge it (Ex: August Payment $5, September payment = $10 fee, October payment = $15 fee, November payment = $20 fee, etc.)  Please select month of payment, and then click "Add to cart". Thank you!

Month of payment:
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Frequently asked questions:

What are the charges for late payment? $5 will be applied per month for each month your account is past due. This is due to the amount of additional work on our part to track unpaid accounts and send additional invoices. If you cannot pay on time due to financial hardship, please contact us before the due date to avoid late payment charges - see info below on payment plans.

Prorated payment: You may pay for a partial year if you are only with us for part of the time, such as a new patient joining us mid-cycle, or an existing patient who anticipates leaving before the end of the member year. Please call our office to arrange prorated payment.

How to verify the correct amount: To verify your total amount, try the following: Start with $50. Add $110 for each child less than 6 years old, and $85 for each child 6 years and older. This amount should equal your cart total. If not, try again, or call us for help! (note: adopted discount won't show up until checkout)

Example calculation: a family with three children, ages 4 y, 6 y, and 8 y:  $50 + $110 + $85 + $85 = $330.

What if my child turns 6 very soon? To keep things simple, we do need to pick a cutoff date to start the discount for older children, which in this case is the sixth birthday on or before July 1st. Please help us keep things simple by sticking to, yes, a completely arbitrary cutoff :) Of course, no matter which cutoff date we pick, there will always be someone on the verge of that date. Thanks!

The number of "items" in your cart will reflect the number of selections you made above, and not necessarily the number of children.

Can I do a payment plan? Yes! When possible, we definitely prefer all families to pay in one sum because keeping track of multiple payments over time is very challenging for our small staff. However, for families in financial hardship, as long as you contact us before the due date, we will be happy to arrange alternative payment schedules for you without any payment penalty. If you do not contact us prior to the due date, there will be standard late charges added on.

Refunds: if you need to leave the practice prior to the end of the cycle you may request a prorated return of your remaining amount minus a 1 month tail which covers transition of care and processing the refund. If you are aware that you will only be here for part of the year, simply pay a prorated amount ahead of time. Just let us know if you are paying for a partial year (the full 12 month cycle is July 1st through June 30th).

Questions related to HSA/FSA and insurance coverage: member dues aren’t covered by health insurance and don’t qualify as HSA or FSA reimbursable expenses per IRS guidelines. This is because the dues are not for direct medical services. To better understand this distinction, think of it as follows: your insurance pays for all of your medical services, and your member dues create the better environment in which we can offer you those services. 


Membership costs:

Base rate: $160 per child per year

Siblings: $50 off each child beyond the first

6y or older: $25 off each child 6 years of age or older (on July 1st).

Adopt or foster a child: $25 off per adopted child - thanks for caring for kids in need! Apply code ADOPTED1, ADOPTED2, etc., at checkout.