I have the utmost trust in Dr. Joel. His evidence-based practice effectively and compassionately empowers families to make healthy decisions for the optimal well-being of their children. I am confident that my children are receiving the most current and comprehensive care possible from Dr. Joel. I feel so fortunate to have Dr. Joel caring for my children and I wholeheartedly recommend this exceptional pediatrician.
— Milot Family, members since 2009
Dr. Joel’s Clinic Embodies Radness. What can you say about a place that makes you feel safe, informed and loved about every aspect of your most precious gifts in life. Now if we can only figure out how to convince him to treat adults!!
— Mathews family, members since 2008
Dr. Joel is a one of a kind doctor. He cares deeply for his patients and provides an incredible level of care. I am always impressed by the level of time he spends with us during our visits. He considers the whole child, touching on everything from nutrition to setting healthy boundaries. Preventative care is always considered and he spends time providing options when treatment is necessary.
— Inman family, members since 2009
Dr. Joel is a great doctor. How did he become such a good doctor? I love Dr. Joel.
— Callie (age 4)
Dr. Joel genuinely cares for our kids. We have always appreciated how much time he devotes at each appointment. He seeks to educate and involve us as parents in the health and wellbeing of our children through prevention and awareness of environmental exposure. We also appreciate that he doesn’t push medication as a first line of defense. We have children with special needs, and Dr. Joel has always been accommodating and quick to respond to any questions we may have regarding our children’s health.
— Nordlund Family, members since 2008
It is the thoughtful, tender and comprehensive way care is given to our family as much as the responsible, empathetic, and nurturing way care is taken for our family. So it is care in the truest sense, the most complete sense. That is what we want to provide for our sons. That is what they are given by Joel and Adriane. That is what distinguishes Dr. Joel’s Clinic.
— Mahaffy Family, members since 2011

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