Understanding Vaccines

A community workshop

Welcome to a community event where you can learn the science behind vaccines with a naturally-minded, board-certified pediatrician. Unlike other such forums, it is not intended to scare people into or out of vaccinating, or tell people what to do. This refreshing workshop simply helps families feel more empowered and informed when it comes time for their children's vaccines instead of confused and torn. Whether you are a parent or provider, hesitant about vaccines or in favor of vaccines but want to learn more about them, you'll feel very welcome and comfortable here.

The format is designed around answering common questions about vaccination such as:

  • How are vaccines made and what's in them?
  • What is the best way to schedule vaccines?
  • For families interested in natural health, what role do vaccines play and which vaccines are the most important? 
  • How does a family sort through all the various claims about vaccines that seem to be so contradictory at times?

Most of all, the workshop aims to be fun, interactive, and relaxed. The talk is free and sponsored by Boost Oregon, a local non-profit dedicated to community vaccine education. If you enjoy the talk, we hope you will make a donation to Boost Oregon to help fund this and other community education. This organization is not sponsored by nor affiliated with the medical industry, it is a local grassroots community non-profit.


  • To view times and dates and register for a free workshop, please navigate to http://www.boostoregon.org/community-workshops/
  • Space is limited, so please register in advance - we like to keep the workshops small and cozy.
  • We ask that you arrange childcare for your children so that participants can more easily focus on the material.


Whether you are able to attend or you are just passionate about families having access to high quality, evidence-based information about childhood vaccines, please make a donation to support Boost Oregon's community education efforts. Donations are tax-deductible, and they help pay for the renting the workshop spaces as well as producing educational materials for parents and providers. Your help goes a long way!



Dr. Joel Amundson, MD

Board-certified pediatrician and fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Dr. Joel is a naturally-minded pediatrician with 12+ years of experience. He has a particular interest in the epidemiology of infectious disease, and has extensive experience preventing and treating the diseases on the childhood vaccination schedule. He is an active member of Portland's pediatric medical community, has lectured at OHSU and Randall Children's hospital, and sits on the board for Boost Oregon.

In addition to years of experience with immunizations, he has also cared for many un-immunized children as well, so he can offer a balanced perspective.

Dr. Joel is not compensated for this workshop, nor has any financial ties with the pharmaceutical industry. Please help support local, independent community education!

When and where

Please check the Boost website for up to date specifics on upcoming workshops. Generally, the workshops are offered the First Thursdays of Even Months from 6:00pm – 8:30pm, and alternate between East and West side locations.

Free; suggested $15 donation to help cover the rental cost of the space where the talks are given.