Making an Appointment

Because the needs of children are different from adults, taking a moment to understanding how our scheduling process works will help you get the most out of your experience here. Note: you must be an established patient to make an appointment with us.

Many pediatric conditions need to be seen same day. Even if you're not sure you need an appointment, call us early so we can help you make that decision. We can almost always get you in if you call before noon, usually if you call by 2-3 pm, and after that we may need to schedule your appointment for the following day unless it's an emergency, or if we still have availability open.

Routine Clinic Appointments

Our hours vary based on the needs of our patients. In the afternoons we see patients from 2 pm on until everyone has been cared for, and we usually leave the office between 3:30-6:30 depending on demand: 

Rough Hours

  • Mon:  9 am to ~ 4:30 pm
  • Tue:  9 am to ~ 4:30 pm
  • Wed:  9 am to ~ 4:30 pm
  • Thu:  9 am to ~ 4:30 pm
  • Fri:  9 am to ~ 4:30 pm

A note on booking late appointments in advance: This is a universal challenge in pediatrics, because when the end of the day is all booked up, it leaves no room for children who develop urgent medical needs throughout the day. We try to find the perfect balance for our families by leaving as many urgent, late afternoon appointments available as possible, and encouraging the earlier slots for advance booking needs. Please consider scheduling your routine advance visits (e.g. preventive visits) either in the morning or early afternoon to leave as much urgent availability for everyone as possible. However, convenience is important, too, so we do reserve some later appointments just for advance booking. If you are looking for this, here's what can help: try to book your well checks in the summer when we have less sick visit needs, and also be aware that because these slots tend to be in higher demand, they may book our further in advance than our other appointments. Thanks for your understanding!

Request an Appointment

Call 503-342-2180 or submit this form. Note: the online form is for daytime appointments during office hours (see left). For urgent appointments outside of office hours, see below.

HIPAA notice: we take measures to keep all emails as private and secure as possible, however email is by nature not a secure medium. Any shared sensitive health information is at your own risk, and we recommend reserving anything highly personal for phone or in-person conversations.

Weekends and Holidays

Need an urgent evaluation on a day we're not in the office? If you haven't already done so, please start by checking out our medical advice section. You'll find lots of information there on managing most pediatric conditions at home, including signs to watch for and how urgently they need to be seen - many are appropriate to wait until the next business day. But if our site indicates it should be seen that day, or your gut tells you something can't wait, let's make sure they get the care they need. For the best after hours care, see our list of preferred locations for urgent and emergency medical care. And if you're not sure what to do, or whether something can wait, contact us so we can help.

Appointments with us on weekends or holidays: In the past, we did more weekend and holiday appointments ourselves when high quality pediatric urgent care was hard to find in Portland. Now that this is much more readily available from places we trust, it's wonderful for us to be able to spend our weekends and holidays with our families! But we are always available to help guide you via phone if you're not sure what to do, and there may still be a few occasions when we prefer to see a patient ourselves on a weekend or holiday - it is always our priority that you receive high quality care as conveniently as possible. So if an urgent care or ER visit isn't meeting your needs, call us and we'll make sure your child gets the care they need.

House Calls

House calls are available for a newborn's first visit, and during times when a family is home-bound for medical reasons. We are unable to do house calls on a routine basis however, as fun as that would be it would be too challenging to balance the needs of all our patients, and bring our costs out of reach for most families. For scheduling newborn care, check out our having your baby page for details. To request a house call when you are unable to make it in to clinic due to medical reasons (for example, bed-rest, etc.), please call our office.